Robert Abeyta, Jr, Member

Robert Abeyta, Jr has made a career hybridizing disciplines and walking between worlds, carving out a singular path that winds from the military to the gallery, and from the board room to the frontier. After serving eight years in the US Army, Abeyta pursued his passion for the graphic arts, creating his own fine art print studio and taking it public after six years. Following this early success, he became an accomplished art director, product designer and video director for High Speed Productions (Thrasher, Juxtapoz, REAL), GIRL Skateboards, and SA Studios, where his talent caught Nike’s attention.

Nike Global approached Abeyta to lead the creation of a new brand category, “Urban West,” which he took through six seasons before moving on to renowned advertising agency, 72 & Sunny, where he worked on major campaigns for XBOX, Quicksilver, and Microsoft. He developed a passion for performance and tactical gear when he moved over to Stussy as Director of Global Special Projects, which was only strengthened when he began working with Jto build the Undefeated brand.

After a lifetime of diverse creative and professional achievements, Abeyta founded DualForces, a creative applications group that matches his commitment to taking the road less traveled. 

Robert currently trains under Chris Haueter at CombatBase

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