All veterans applying for sponsorship must meet the following criteria:

  1. Must be a veteran who served in an area of combat operations.

  2. Must be separated/retired from active duty status (National Guard/Reserve duty not included).

  3. Must be a disabled combat veteran (mental or physical) with a 50% disability rating.

  4. Must provide proof of honorable discharge from military service DD214.

  5. Must provide VA entitlement/rating letter.

  6. Must be willing to commit to training at least a minimum of one time per week at a We Defy Foundation Approved Training Facility for the duration of one year.

  7. A Special Criteria Waiver exists on a case by case basis for unique circumstances (e.g. training accident, sexual assault, other circumstances related to military service).



If approved, We Defy Foundation will provide the following:

  1. Two (2) large and two (2) small GI patches

  2. One (1) We Defy T-shirt

  3. One (1) We Defy Window Decal

  4. Free access to any We Defy Foundation event or seminar


If approved, We Defy Foundation will provide the following:

  1. A twelve (12) month scholarship to train Jiu Jitsu at an Approved Training Facility.

  2. Two (2) GIs including We Defy Patches.

  3. Private coaching (based on need and circumstance).

  4. Special training equipment (based on need and circumstance).

Scholarships are reserved for veterans who have never trained Jiu Jitsu OR their circumstances make it difficult to continue training.

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